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License Pricing




$0 / month

$79 / month

$129 / month

Number of servers/cores

If your subscription defines a maximum number of servers or cores, this limits only the number of servers or cores that are used to run Glyptodon Enterprise itself.

This does not limit the number of remote desktop servers accessed through Glyptodon Enterprise.

One serverLimited to total number of cores selectedLimited to total number of cores selected
Number of concurrent users

Glyptodon Enterprise does not impose a limit on the number of concurrent users, however you will need to ensure your servers have sufficient resources available.

We recommend 1 CPU core and 2 GB of memory for every 25 concurrent users at peak.

Personal use onlyUnlimitedUnlimited
Secure, centralized access

Glyptodon Enterprise functions as a gateway, providing a central point of access to any number of machines, and as a security layer, adding encryption and access restrictions which the underlying protocol may not otherwise provide.

No plugins / client software required

Connecting to Glyptodon Enterprise requires only a modern web browser. Users can access their desktops from anywhere and with any device, without having to worry about installing client software or apps.

Support for VNC, RDP, SSH, and telnet✔✔✔
Audio, file transfer, and printing✔✔✔
Active Directory / LDAP✔✔✔
Multi-factor authentication

Glyptodon Enterprise includes support for multi-factor authentication using Duo.

Connection sharing

If granted permission, users may generate share links for connections that they are using. Other users who are given these share links may view or use the connection at the same time until the original user disconnects.

This sharing works even if the underlying protocol does not provide sharing functionality, like RDP or SSH.

Regular updates

Major releases of Glyptodon Enterprise receive updates roughly every quarter, and any such updates are guaranteed to not break API-compatibility.

Updates which address a critical bug or security issue are released as soon as possible, independently of this quarterly cycle.

Long-term support

Each major release of Glyptodon Enterprise is supported for at least five years following the first general availability (GA) release, and is guaranteed to remain API-compatible with a specific upstream release of Apache Guacamole.

Custom branding

Glyptodon will provide the customer with a branding extension for Guacamole which applies the customer's name, logo, and optional disclaimer/warning text to a deployment of Glyptodon Enterprise.

The branding extension can be revised as necessary through opening a support ticket.

Online support desk

Customers may request help by opening support tickets. The scope of support tickets is generally limited to using Glyptodon Enterprise as documented and with the software explicitly listed as supported, though this scope is broadened if your plan includes consulting services.

Integration / deployment consulting

Glyptodon will provide consulting services over the phone or via email to assist the customer with integrating and deploying Glyptodon Enterprise, even if that integration involves software not otherwise supported (such as the customer's own web application).

Remote intervention

Glyptodon will be available to remotely log into customer systems to investigate and troubleshoot issues, should it become necessary.

The customer will need to provide Glyptodon with access to the systems in question, and to work with Glyptodon to schedule a time for the remote access to take place.

Phone support

Phone support is available as needed during Glyptodon's business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Pacific Time).


If you would like to try out Glyptodon Enterprise before committing, please feel free to try our live demo. For other options such as annual pricing or SLA terms, please contact us for a quote.

If my needs change later, can I make changes to my subscription?

Yes. As an active customer, you may request changes to your current subscription by opening a new support ticket. We will contact you to confirm and make the necessary adjustments. Upgrades take effect immediately, and you will be billed a prorated amount for the remainder of the current term. Downgrades take effect at the beginning of the following term.

How is Glyptodon Enterprise licensed?

Our Docker images and the RPMs within our repositories are licensed to customers under our EULA. When you subscribe as a customer, you agree to be bound by the terms of our EULA in your use of the packages, the software installed using those packages, and the ways that you make that software available to others.

Much of the software packaged for Glyptodon Enterprise is open source, including Apache Guacamole, however you must abide by our EULA so long as your deployment is built using our packages or images.