An Open Letter to Organizations Affected by COVID-19

With so many organizations now forced to go completely remote, we are offering limited-time free use of our enterprise solution. It is our hope that this will help organizations function more effectively through this crisis, as well as lay the framework for future availability of remote access. All requests for support related to the pandemic are being prioritized.

When I created the open source project Guacamole, it was for personal use; I simply wanted an easy and secure way to access my own desktop without having to install a client. That personal project grew into Apache Guacamole, a clientless remote desktop gateway that is now primarily used at the enterprise level to enable remote work. Like most, I have observed the growing need to support remote work, but never anticipated it would spike so dramatically due to a global pandemic.

We founded Glyptodon to make Apache Guacamole as easy as possible for organizations to deploy and use, and the result is secure, reliable, simple-to-use remote access with snappy performance. If you have any questions or want to know more about how Glyptodon can help your team, please email me.


Mike Jumper
Founder & Lead Developer