The properties listed here are only applicable if Glyptodon Enterprise is being integrated with UDS Enterprise as a means of providing remote access. Support for UDS Enterprise is installed using the glyptodon-guacamole-auth-uds package. If using the glyptodon/guacamole Docker image, support for UDS is instead configured using environment variables.

UDS Enterprise deployment details

When leveraging Glyptodon Enterprise to fulfill a request to remotely access a virtual machine, UDS Enterprise will generate and send a temporary access token to Glyptodon Enterprise. This temporary access token defines the connection details of the machine being accessed and needs to be validated against UDS Enterprise for that access to be granted. In order to reach out to UDS Enterprise to perform this validation, Glyptodon Enterprise needs to know the base URL of the UDS Enterprise deployment.

The URL provided need only be a URL that your Glyptodon Enterprise server can use to reach your UDS Enterprise server. If UDS Enterprise is installed on the same private network or on the same server as Glyptodon Enterprise, this can be an internal URL that uses a private IP address or domain name, and does not necessarily need to be the public URL that would be used to access UDS Enterprise over the internet.

Property nameDescription
uds-base-urlThe base URL of the UDS Enterprise deployment that may leverage Glyptodon Enterprise to provide remote access. Glyptodon Enterprise will use this URL to contact UDS to authenticate and authorize connection requests.