Apache Guacamole supports multiple protocols through a common, centralized gateway. The "guacd" service sits between the Guacamole web application and the remote desktops and dynamically translates between low-level remote desktop protocols and the Guacamole protocol, applying additional optimization and compression in the process.

Installing support for a protocol

Within Glyptodon Enterprise, support for each protocol is provided via separate packages. Only the packages for protocols that you will be using need be installed:

ProtocolGlyptodon Enterprise package

When using any particular connection, the package providing support for that connection's underlying protocol must already be installed on the server running the guacd service. If support for the underlying protocol has not been installed, users attempting to use the connection will see an error message, and system administrators will see a message like the following within the systemd journal:

guacd[8]: WARNING: Support for protocol "rdp" is not installed

If a needed package was not installed and a message like that above is logged, installing the needed package will solve the problem. If using the glyptodon/guacd Docker image, all protocol support is already installed. If using the @glyptodon-guacamole package group, as described within the installation instructions, protocol support for VNC, RDP, and SSH is installed.

Configuring the protocol of a connection

When using one of the supported databases, administrators can define new connections using Guacamole's web interface, selecting the protocol to be used for that connection from a dropdown menu labeled "Protocol":

If defining a connection through a mechanism which does not leverage one of the supported databases, such as via /etc/guacamole/user-mapping.xml, LDAP schema modifications, or encrypted JSON, the protocol will must be specified using the unique, internal name for that protocol:

ProtocolInternal name