For convenience, Docker images for both MySQL and PostgreSQL are provided which automatically initialize themselves using the Apache Guacamole database schema:

Image nameBase imageDescription
glyptodon/guacamole-db-mysqlmysql:5An instance of MySQL, automatically initialized with the Apache Guacamole database schema.
glyptodon/guacamole-db-postgrespostgres:11An instance of PostgreSQL, automatically initialized with the Apache Guacamole database schema.

Each of these images:

  • Is based off Docker's official images for the same databases, and thus each accepts the same core environment variables.
  • Accepts a common set of Guacamole-specific environment variables defining the name to be used for Guacamole's database and the reduced-privilege credentials to be used by Guacamole to execute queries.
  • Requires the same ACCEPT_EULA environment variable as the glyptodon/guacamole and glyptodon/guacd images.

The images may be used as part of an entirely Dockerized deployment of Apache Guacamole, or separately as an easier method of deploying a functional, pre-initialized, and supported database. When combined with the glyptodon/guacamole and glyptodon/guacd images using docker-compose, an entire deployment of Apache Guacamole can be created and managed using a single docker-compose.yml.