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Anywhere. Anytime. Glyptodon is There.

When you’re trying to get things done, the right protection can make all the difference. Ask the glyptodon, a prehistoric armadillo the size and shape of a VW Beetle. Encased in its own fortress, it could defend against threats and still take care of business, anywhere, anytime.

Glyptodon, the company, offers a similarly simple, formidable means for enterprises to provide secure and reliable remote desktops. It ensures employees are productive wherever they roam and that their companies are protected and able to adapt to change.

As industry analyst Scott Lowe mused: “It’s armor for your enterprise remote access, isn’t it?”


Mike Jumper starts the Guacamole project and releases it as free and open source.


Glyptodon is founded due to increasing demand for commercial support.


Glyptodon donates Guacamole to the Apache Software Foundation. The project becomes Apache Guacamole.


Glyptodon Enterprise is launched.

We created the Guacamole project back in 2010

Years ago, Glyptodon CEO Mike Jumper wanted to access a home computer from work without circumventing his previous company’s firewall. He wrote some code, pulled it off, and started the open-source project now known as Apache Guacamole.

Today, tens of millions rely on it to access remote desktops and applications.

Still, more could benefit, particularly enterprises dealing with a growing migration to remote work. But traditional, proprietary systems don’t cope well with outdated employee home security that’s easily exploited by hackers. Complexity and performance issues frustrate users. IT admins have to fight a constant, labor-intensive battle.

Apache Guacamole addresses these issues, but enterprises require more. A community message board is no replacement for dedicated customer support. So, we developed Glyptodon Enterprise, a powerful commercial build of Apache Guacamole. With each major release supported for at least five years, and updated regularly, enterprises gain a solution that’ll never go extinct.

Safe, secure and snappy

Glyptodon Enterprise is a sophisticated platform backed by expert support to help companies quickly deliver seamless and reliable remote desktops. For users, it’s as easy as logging into a website; nothing to install, no learning curve. And while the ancient glyptodon was no slouch, we use unique compression and optimization, so our performance is particularly snappy.

That’s right, snappy - and we’re not afraid to say so.

Glyptodon Enterprise offers all the security of a VPN without the cost and complexity. Communications are also encrypted via a secure session, desktops are never exposed to the public Internet, and two-factor authentication is easy to turn on for even beefier security.

We’ve got your back

Glyptodon Enterprise makes it easy and affordable to scale capacity, so your company can quickly evolve. That’s why it’s been deployed by organizations of all sizes, from local plumbing shops to the world’s largest cloud providers. It drives all our operations, as well.

The platform facilitates integrations, with regular updates guaranteed not to break compatibility. If you have issues, concierge-level support has your back via online help desk, email, and that good old customer service dinosaur, the phone.

Oh, and everything we develop is contributed back to the Apache Software Foundation. After all, we strongly believe in the power of open source - it’s never cool to hog the guacamole.

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